OCMEA Scholarship Information

2023-2024 O.C.M.E.A. Performance Scholarship
Important Information for Applicant
SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS: $1,500 (One Vocal, One Instrumental)
AUDITION MATERIAL JUDGE EVALUATION: January 3, 2024 (Snowdate 1/4/23)
MATERIALS SHOULD BE SENT TO: ocmeascholarships@gmail.com
attn: Michelle Di Pasquale
Eligibility requirements:
1. Student must be a senior
2. Student must be an active participant and in good standing with their school music
program (attending and passing).
3. Student must have been in at least one High School All-County ensemble unless
he/she plays a non-band/orchestra instrument
4. Student must remain a member in good standing in their school music program
through graduation or else they forfeit their O.C.M.E.A. performance and/or
5. Student must be planning on attending college and studying music. The college
music program must require an audition.
6. Student must complete the scholarship application, including student signature, parent
signature, and teacher signature.
7. Student must audition on the scheduled audition date at Washingtonville High School
8. All applicants are to bring with them three copies of the score for the judges.
Photocopies are acceptable.
9. Scholarship recipients are required to perform their solo at the High School
All-County Festival
Prepare a level VI NYSSMA solo. Choice of music is important. The solo should demonstrate
the student’s overall musicianship and command of the instrument. You are strongly urged to
perform the solo with piano accompaniment. If chosen, the solo performance at the
All-County Festival should be limited to five minutes with accompaniment.
Prepare two contrasting selections, one being a level VI NYSSMA solo, and the second being
one of your own choosing. Vocalists should carefully choose music which demonstrates the
student’s vocal potential. Broadway show tunes are NOT proper audition material. You must
have your own accompaniment.
The winning students, selected by a panel of three qualified judges, will perform at the
All-County High School Concert on Saturday, January 20, 2024. The snow date for the
concert is Saturday, January 27, 2024.
Student’s Name: ___________________________________________
Student’s Email: ___________________________________________
Street Address: ________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip: ________________________________________________________________
Home Phone: _____________________________________________
Director’s Name: __________________________________________
Instrument/Voice Type: _____________________________________
Colleges/Universities Applied to:
Title of Composition No. 1: _______________________________________________________
Composer: _____________________________ Publisher: ___________________________
Title of Composition No. 2: _______________________________________________________
Composer: _____________________________ Publisher: ___________________________
I have read and completed the O.C.M.E.A. Performance Scholarship Audition form and would
like to audition for the 2023-2024 O.C.M.E.A. Performance Scholarship.
Student Signature ___________________________________ Date _______
I have read the Performance Scholarship Audition form and would like my son/daughter to
audition for the 2023-2024 O.C.M.E.A. Performance Scholarship.
Parent Signature ____________________________________ Date _______
I will attest that my student, ______________________________is a member in good standing
with our music program and would like him/her to audition for the 2023-2024 O.C.M.E.A
Performance Scholarship.
Teacher Signature __________________________________ Date _______