Private Teacher Listing

Contact information for the private teachers listed on this website is made available for prospective students only. OCMEA does not endorse any particular private teacher listed on this website. Students and their families should check references before choosing a private music teacher.

Private Music Instruction
Teacher List

    Updated 1.25.17

For membership questions contact Allegra Smith,
All telephone numbers are in the 845 Area Code unless indicated otherwise.

We will be including only private teachers who are paid or retired OCMEA members in this list.

Private Teachers 2016-2017


First Name Last Name Home Phone # E-Mail Address
Bass Clarinet Megahn Hughes 914-799-5535
Bassoon Ryan Cerullo Unlisted
Jim Briggs 457-2752
Clarinet Michelle Di Pasquale 518-852-3528
Clarinet Kelly Ducham 800-5578
Clarinet Valerie George 914-474-0463
Clarinet Kimberly Harrison 548-6417
Clarinet Ashley Head 753-2296
Clarinet Deborah Hyseni 772-1053
Clarinet Shane Peters 341-3279
Clarinet Felix Robles Unlisted
Clarinet Deborah Simons 838-1077
Clarinet Allegra Smith 518-281-7413
Clarinet Sarah Suby 522-8331
Clarinet Jennifer Wagner 733-4402
Clarinet Tina Wildrick 360-5311
Clarinet Christopher Zoutis 778-4049
Flute Samantha Baldwin 518-231-0489
Flute Judy Bracco 978-4892
Flute Jim Briggs 457-2752
Flute Amanda Cappa 516-996-0503
Flute Valerie George 914-474-0463
Flute Megahn Hughes 914-799-5535
Flute Deborah Hyseni 772-1053
Flute Kaylyn Kinney Unlisted
Erin Lindon 914-512-1845
Flute Kimberly Longo 427-2801
Flute Laura Martellaro 542-4816
Flute Pam Murphy 914-489-6631
Flute Merryl Newler 783-4069
Flute Lola Riddick 692-0713
Flute Barton Schindler 615-1452
Flute Caroline Tippin 360-5276
Flute Carolyn Topliff 561-2877
Flute Tina Wildrick 360-5311
Flute Christopher Zoutis 778-4049
Oboe Barton Schindler 615-1452
Piccolo Merryl Newler 783-4069
Woodwinds First Name Last Name Home Phone # E-Mail Address
Saxophone Jim Briggs 457-2752
Saxophone Amanda Cappa 516-996-0503
Saxophone Clayton Chan 641-2367
Saxophone Ellen Dickinson 258-4968
Saxophone Valerie George 914-474-0463
Saxophone Kimberly Harrison 548-6417
Saxophone Ashley Head 753-2296
Saxophone Deborah Hyseni 772-1053
Saxophone Felix Robles Unlisted
Saxophone Barton Schindler 615-1452
Saxophone Megan Shafer 796-6943
Saxophone Deborah Simons 838-1077
Saxophone Christopher Zoutis 778-4049
Woodwinds Carolyn Sayles 565-4782
Strings First Name Last Name Home Phone # E-Mail Address
Cello Kevin Benedetto 800-5529
Cello Vicki Botta 294-8293
Cello Noreen Davis 561-5622
Cello Jeanne Fox 258-1306
Cello Tamara Moser 341-3126
Double Bass Monica Antonelli-Guido 255-4786
Double Bass Ellen Dickinson 258-4968
Double Bass Darryl Hey 566-9577
Double Bass Analise Reed 728-5719
Viola/Violin Eleanor Allen 527-0652
Viola/Violin Vicki Botta 294-8293
Viola/Violin Lauren Buono 837-1007
Viola/Violin Noreen Davis 561-5622
Viola/Violin Tracy Decker Unlisted
Viola/Violin Martha Diaz Unlisted
Viola/Violin Olga Dusheina-Dougherty 623-4943
Viola/Violin Emily Faxon 534-8368
Viola/Violin Laura Greco 781-0315
Viola/Violin Diana Marz 705-0619
Viola/Violin Elissa Maynard 987-8232
Viola/Violin Amanda Mita 346-6699
Viola/Violin Tamara Moser 341-3126
Viola/Violin Roberta Warfield 497-7003
Violin Hana Segerstrom 518-487-1634
Violin Karin Warner 565-6311
Brass First Name Last Name Home Phone # E-Mail Address
Brass- beginning William Greene 344-7633
Euphonium Brian Ackley 851-8308
Euphonium Amber Lomolino 774 9027
Euphonium Kenneth Pick 565-4162
French Horn Casey Hulick 647-3002
French Horn Ryan Muehlbauer 607-760-2674
French Horn Keith Riddick 692-0713
French Horn Christopher Sass Unlisted
French Horn Ryan Walther 516-435-5372
Low Brass Lenny Klopchin 234-5117
Low Brass Mike Kochem 341-8988
Low brass Daniel Walker 527-9789
Trombone Brian Ackley 851-8308
Trombone Ellen Dickinson 258-4968
Trombone William Greene 344-7633
Trombone Lenny Klopchin 234-5117
Trombone Erin Lindon 914-512-1845
Trombone Antonia LoConte 553-0973
Trombone Amber Lomolino 774 9027
Trombone Kenneth Pick 565-4162
Trombone Keith Riddick 692-0713
Trombone Samuel Shackleton 527-0117
Trombone Amina Thomas 594-3169
Trombone Daniel Walker 527-9789
Trumpet Brian Ackley 851-8308
Trumpet Keith Bischof 724-4377
Trumpet Kristen Calohan 709-9786
Trumpet Lee Compton 914-402-5390
Trumpet Ari Contzius 978-7117
Trumpet Casey Hulick 647-3002
Trumpet Chris Persad Unlisted
Trumpet Keith Riddick 692-0713
Trumpet Thomas Stickney 649-6127
Trumpet Christopher Taborsky 631-804-3505
Trumpet Peter Van de Water 551-7079
Trumpet Daniel Walker 527-9789
Tuba Darryl Hey 566-9577
Tuba Amber Lomolino 774 9027
Tuba Kenneth Pick 565-4162
Tuba Ralph Wagner 733-4402
Percussion First Name Last Name Home Phone # E-Mail Address
Drumset/Percussion Paul Carroll 214-5286
Drumset/Percussion Matt Christy 412-5235
Drumset/Percussion Thomas Cunane 566-7559
Drumset/Percussion Andrew Hulle Unlisted
Drumset/Percussion Al Konikowski 343-9887
Mallets Matt Christy 412-5235
Mallets Thomas Cunane 566-7559
Guitar, Fiddle, Pipe Organ, Ukulele First Name Last Name Home Phone # E-Mail Address
Guitar Monica Antonelli-Guido 255-4786
Guitar Mark Visconti Unlisted
Irish Fiddle Eleanor Allen 527-0652
Pipe Organ Martin Smith 534-3398
Ukulele Kimberly Harrison 548-6417
Music Theory and Composition First Name Last Name Home Phone # E-Mail Address
Composition Darryl Hey 566-9577
Music Theory Diane Miller 342-2206
Music Theory Martin Smith 534-3398
Voice First Name Last Name Home Phone # E-Mail Address
Voice Gregory Bennett 342-2552
Voice Danielle Cornacchio 386-2940
Voice Erin Cross 342-3351
Voice Robin Evans 551-7106
Voice Brian Flint Unlisted
Voice Ruth Gordon 419-788-9185
Voice Patricia Halpenny 672-3450
Voice Noreen Hanson 258-2132
Voice Sophie Levenberg Unlisted
Voice Kathryn Lucas 239-4315
Voice Diane Miller 342-2206
Voice Pam Murphy 914-489-6631
Voice Caroline Tippin 360-5276
Voice Carolyn Topliff 561-2877
Voice Barbara Vultaggio 631-766-6266
Voice Jennifer Wentworth 315-591-3499
Voice Wendy Zaros 914 522 1153
Voice- soprano Jody Rodriguez Unlisted
Voice- tenor Lee Compton 914-402-5390
Piano First Name Last Name Home Phone # E-Mail Address
Piano- beginning Kelly Shackleton 527-0175
Piano- beginning, intermediate Mike Kochem 341-8988
Piano Dan Bradley 820-0241
Piano Amanda Cappa 516-996-0503
Piano Ryan Cerullo Unlisted
Piano Erica Christy 412-5235
Piano David Crone 987-6729
Piano Michelle Di Pasquale 518-852-3528
Piano Alison Echevarria 518-573-0006
Piano Ruth Gordon 419-788-9185
Piano Ashley Head 753-2296
Piano Casey Hulick 647-3002
Piano Kaylyn Kinney Unlisted
Piano Alex Marrero 781-6049
Piano Laura Martellaro 542-4816
Piano Diane Miller 342-2206
Piano Roberta Monkash 781-6099
Piano Pam Murphy 914-489-6631
Piano Carolyn Sayles 565-4782
Piano Martin Smith 534-3398
Piano Carolyn Topliff 561-2877
Piano Jennifer Wentworth 315-591-3499
Piano Wendy Zaros 914 522 1153