Musical Jobs of Interest in the area

Musical Jobs of Interest in the area


Posted 4.19.19

High School Band job posting: 
School:  Washingtonville High School
District:  Washingtonville CSD
Location:  Washingtonville, NY
Available Position for September, 2019:  High School Band Director (woodwind specialist)
Application Deadline: April 25, 2019
The Washingtonville Music Department is seeking a talented, outgoing, and passionate music educator for a full-time teaching position as a high school band director, beginning September 2019.  Responsibilities include directing the second concert band (primarily 9th and 10th graders) and small group woodwind lessons (grades 9 – 12).  Candidate must be a collegial team player and have strong organizational and communication skills. While prior experience is preferred, the ideal candidate will have strong proficiency on all woodwind instruments, an understanding of woodwind pedagogy, successful experience conducting a public school concert band, and knowledge of concert band literature and rehearsal techniques.  Jazz experience is an asset but not a requirement.  The Washingtonville Central School District is highly supportive of its Music Department and the arts at large.

Posted 2.5.19

Good afternoon.  There is an anticipated opening for the Director of Fine and Performing Arts within the Newburgh Enlarged City School District due to my impending retirement.  The job requirements will be posted on OLAS and include:

SDL administrative credentials and NYS certification in an area of the Arts (music, dance, theater, visual arts, media arts).

More details will be forthcoming with the posting.

Thank you,

Theresa Brown

Director of Fine and Performing Arts
Newburgh Enlarged City School District